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First Open Wheel Race, First Win

September 4th, 2017

May 28th, Texas World Speedway SCCA Majors -

Bryce competed in his first ever Open Wheel race at TWS for the SCCA Majors in the Formula Mazda category. Bryce was able to get acquainted with the car very quickly as he turned practice laps on Friday. From that point on Bryce showed no signs of letting up, capturing pole, race win, and fastest lap in race on both rounds on Saturday and Sunday. Bryce expressed his excitement through Facebook, “An absolutely amazing weekend!! Another pole and win today, sweeping the weekend!!  

Thank you to Texas Autosports and Moses Smith for all the help. This team is amazing and so much fun to be around at and away from the track. Thank you to my family and friends for all the support and love. So so thankful!”

Bryce is currently planning a full season in Formula Mazda and is gathering the support to do so.



Become a Sponsor for the 2017 Season!

December 23rd, 2016

Sponsorship packets are available to companies or individuals who would like to become a sponsor of Bryce Cornet and his racing endeavors during the 2017 racing season! The packet outlines the benefits of marketing you, your company, or your product in the motorsport market, along with a reward system for those who commit to a sponsorship plan for 2017!

Please contact Bryce at the email linked to the contact section of the website!

Thank you!



Photo by: Kart 360

Photo by: Kart 360

Formula Mazda Test – Texas Autosports

August 10th, 2016

After a long offseason out of a car or a kart, Bryce found himself testing a Formula Mazda with Texas Autosports in Cresson, Texas. After getting accustomed to the car in session one, Bryce found more comfort behind the wheel for the second session and put down some quick times.

“I have been looking for opportunities and sponsorship to move up the ladder. I have had the vision of having a successful career in motorsports since the age of six, and I refuse to let go of that vision no matter how hard it might be. I know I have the talent to make it, but finding the financial means is the biggest factor. I believe it is essential to make good on that vision for myself and for those that support me. I had an amazing test day with Texas Autosports. Texas Autosports is a great group of people and I am so thankful for their help throughout the test day.”

Check out Texas Autosports and Formula Mazda on Facebook!

If you would like to support Bryce’s racing endeavors, visit Bryce’s GoFundMe or  shoot him a direct message on Facebook –> Bryce Cornet

IMG_5435 2

Photo Courtesy of Sitara Wilson and Texas Autosport


OU EV – EV Grand Prix Results

May 20th, 2016

After a long and successful year of development and testing Bryce and the University of Oklahoma Racing Team were off to race in the EV Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As rain continued to fall on Tuesday, all track sessions were postponed until Wednesday.

On Wednesday the track was greeted by the warmth of the sun allowing for the track to dry up and for track sessions to begin. Bryce was lightning fast in practice, but upon making a gear change the team noticed the motor beginning to lock up. This resulted in a decision to change motors. The team got to work and was able to re-wire and mount the new motor in 30 minutes. The speed of the motor change allowed for the team enough time to jump into qualifying.

After laying down a lap that was good for the front row, the team was informed that the “black box” that monitors the motors power output was indicating that the kart was over powered. The team began working to solve this problem, going as far as lowering the power ceiling to as little as 25% in order to try and meet the demands of the black box. The team stuck with this limit for the race.

At the wave of the green flag it was apparent that the kart was significantly underpowered. Bryce fell back to 5th on the start where he lingered until lap 15 when the team made the decision to risk a penalty and raise the power. As a yellow flag waved for a wreck on the track, Bryce dipped into the pits where the team made a power adjustment to 50% from 25% in just 10 seconds, getting Bryce back on the track before being lapped. Bryce came around to the green flag in the back of the pack, but within two laps Bryce made his way through the field to gain the lead.Bryce was driven up on from behind around lap 30, but still maintained the lead. The team would lead the next 30 laps.

After that wreck the kart began to lose power significantly. As power faded the team fell back to fourth position where the team would finish the race. The power loss could have been attributed to the wreck or overheating of the motor (cooling fan was sacrificed in order to limit re-wiring time during motor change). Upon finishing the race the team noticed that the black box was indicating the kart was overpowered. After battling to lower power levels to meet the demands of the black box, the team was informed that the black boxes were reading spikes that were indicating that the power levels were higher than they really were. So the team was not penalized in the final race. The team is still awaiting the results for overall event placement which encompasses the race as well as design and community outreach.

Overall, this team showed how strong they really and had many proud moments from leading most of the race and showing speed and accuracy with the motor change and pit stop. Although the team faced obstacles that caused frustration, they walked away knowing that the innovation and development that the team conducted was top notch and had a car that was very much capable of a win.

“I am so proud of our team. My dad was even able to travel to the race with our team and contributed greatly like he always has with my racing! Although the win in the race was not attained, we still were proud of our achievements through engineering. This group of people are some of the most intelligent and hard working people I have ever been around. I know for a fact that the team, as well as the team members, will achieve great things in the future. I am so thankful for the opportunity to race for my University and to be surrounded by those who make me a better person.” – Bryce Cornet

The team will continue development into 2017. Check out their Facebook page for more about the team!

Sooner Electric Racing Facebook Page 



Bryce Named Driver for 2016 EV Grand Prix

April 1st, 2016

Bryce will be racing for the University of Oklahoma at the 2016 Electric Vehicle Grand Prix. This race has been bittersweet for the Sooner EV Racing Team. Bryce stood on the podium in 2013 for OU as he was able to help bring home OU’s first ever overall EV Grand Prix title. In 2014, Bryce qualified pole by 2 seconds. Unfortunately, after an electrical failure, Bryce did not start the final race.

Among driving, Bryce is also Marketing and Mechanical Lead for the team. Alongside Bryce, this amazing student team consisting of Andrew Meyer (Team Lead), Shady Ghoneim (Electrical Lead), and Ian Grady (Design Lead) have been working very hard throughout the offseason and in between college classes to prepare for the race. Testing will resume this month (April) as the team prepares to head to Indianapolis, Indiana in May for this years race.

Bryce and the rest of the Sooner EV Racing Team would like to thank all of the sponsors that have contributed to this educating and fun project. Without their support, competing at this race would not be possible.

Updates, video and photos, both leading up to and during the EV Grand Prix will be posted on Facebook Here

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Sooner EV Racing 2014

SRF Gen 3 Test At Texas World Speedway

March 16th, 2016

Bryce was given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an SRF Gen 3 for a 20 minute test session at Texas World Speedway. Without Gary G., a front runner and one of the best in the SRF Gen 3 series, the test would not have been possible. Although it was his first time ever in the car and on the track, Bryce was laying down times that would qualify him for a top 10 start in a local event of 30 cars at the speedway.

Bryce’s onboard footage is available on Youtube for viewing! Check it out here –> SRF Gen 3 Onboard – Texas World Speedway


SRF Test 1

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February 8th, 2016


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Bryce Cornet Wins at the US Open of Las Vegas

November 6th, 2015

Bryce Cornet, with support from family and friends, earned a victory at the US Open of Las Vegas after a long week of racing.

“The weekend went very smoothly. We made very few changes to the chassis setup, and spent most of the time working with engine performance and jetting. We made it smoothly through the heats picking up points that helped us secure a pole position in the final race. We led all 25 laps of the final race and came away with a win! I couldn’t be happier for my family, friends and my team, Champion Racing. My dad has been my tuner ever since I began karting and he has always been a key to my success. He is always working so hard to ensure that we have the best setup and I am so thankful for him and all that he does. I would also like to thank Champion Racing for supplying all the tools necessary to be as successful as possible. I have been with Champion Racing since I began racing at the age of 6, and they have always been one of the most successful teams out there.

Thank you to Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting in OKC, Sign It Up in Blanchard and to all those who have supported me during my GoFundMe fundraising campaign! Thank you for the support this season!” – Bryce Cornet

Bryce’s racing season is paused so far for this season, but he has ideas for next year, so the GoFundMe campaign is still running! If you would like to support Bryce’s racing goals for 2016 please check out the link below or follow the GoFundMe tab on the far right!

Become a Sponsor – GoFundMe Campaign



US Open Stitch

Round 1&2 – SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour

May 22nd, 2015

Bryce traveled to Phoenix to begin the SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour. The weekend started out on a sour note, as Bryce had 4 tires go flat throughout Friday’s practice sessions, resulting in 5 soiled practice sessions, as well as a struggle to make the chassis work on he enormous amounts of rubber. Going to Saturday, misfortune stuck around for the heat races as Bryce was taken out in each heat. Bryce started 28th and managed to move up to 11th to pick up valuable points for the championship.

On Sunday, Bryce managed to move through the pack in each heat to start Sundays main event in 7th position. After the start, Bryce found himself sitting in the 4th position with hope to challenge for a podium position or even a win. The kart and tires slowly faded as Bryce picked up a respectable 6th place finish.

Bryce is currently sitting in 10th place out of 40 in the SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour Championship.

“I am so thankful for the support from Champion Racing, and my family. My Dad worked his tail off getting the kart to handle the best it possibly could given the conditions. We were able to rebound slightly to pick up some points for the championship. I know with the help from my family and Champion Racing, as well as my personal ability, we can do much better! On to Indiana!” -Bryce

Phoenix - MePhoenix - Dad and I

Bryce Cornet’s 2015 Racing Debut in Lockhart, Texas

March 14th, 2015

After a one year racing hiatus, the Lone Star Grand Prix in Lockhart, Texas was the first race on Bryce’s 2015 calendar. On a rainy Sunday, Bryce was able to come from the back in two classes, to claim a podium spot in both classes. Bryce came away with a 4th place finish and fastest lap in the 125cc Modified class. Bryce also drove from 23rd on the grid to finish 3rd in the 125cc Stock Honda Expert class.

“After a disappointing Saturday, that was no ones fault but mine, I am glad I was able to turn things around on Sunday and put the kart where it belonged! My dad worked so hard this weekend, like he always has, to get the kart to the front with his tuning. I am so thankful for the support from my family, friends, and Champion Racing. This was a good beginning to the racing season, even though I would have loved to come away with a win, not only for myself, but for all those that have supported me thus far. It was also an honor to race the LSGP race in honor of Brad Kindhart. It was a privilege to know him.” – Bryce Cornet

Next, Bryce will travel to Indianapolis to race in the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix with the University of Oklahoma Electric Racing Team. The same week, Bryce and Champion Racing will head to Dallas to begin the US Open Karting Series at the Dallas Karting Complex.

LSGP 2015