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Bryce discovered his passion for motorsports while piloting his first kart at the young age of six. Growing up in Norman, Oklahoma provided him with the opportunity to not only train at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex, one of the best tracks in the United States, but also drive for one of the most recognized karting teams in the world. Bryce continued through the karting ladder into cars where, in 2018, Bryce captured his first auto racing championships in Formula Mazda (SCCA Formula Mazda SCCA Runoffs National Champion and  SCCA Formula Mazda Super Tour Champion).

Throughout his racing career, Bryce has received numerous accolades for his driving consistency, intense focus, and smooth driving skills throughout his racing career. These racing strengths partnered with his excellent attitude, winning spirit, and desire to excel make Bryce the perfect candidate to achieve his racing goals. 

  • 2021 Mazda MX-5 Cup Scholarship Recipient
  • 2018 SCCA Formula Mazda Super Tour Champion
  • 2018 SCCA Formula Mazda SCCA Runoffs National Champion

Driven: The Bryce Cornet Story (Full Video)

In 2010 at the age of 15, Bryce began having heart palpitations and fainting symptoms while sitting in a high school classroom. That night, Bryce was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW). Bryce underwent two catheter ablation procedures to get him back to 100%. Unfortunately, the return to racing would not come quickly. The medical treatment and cost would side track Bryce’s progression for the next 7 years. With the support and love from his family and friends, Bryce continued to work during the down time to make a full return in 2017. Driven: The Bryce Cornet Story is a story about Bryce’s current racing journey as well as his journey of perseverance and grit to accomplish his goals when presented with a challenge. Trevor Lee Media and Bryce Cornet are excited to present Driven : The Bryce Cornet Story.

Driven has made a run at regional, national, and international film festivals. In 2018, Driven won Director’s Choice for Best Documentary Short, Director’s Choice for Best Oklahoma Made Film, and Best Cinematography at the Sunny Side Up Film Festival and the Most Inspirational Film at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.